I have to start this article by saying that I'm not an animal behavior expert. My first formal education on the subject was in college and vet school in the late 70's and early 80's. Lately I have learned a lot about behavior mostly by attending avian medicine conferences, since understanding behavior is such an important part of owning (and treating) birds.

Dog with Bad BehaviorThis article is the result of a lecture that my staff was privileged to receive recently. The lecturer, Helen Nicholls, is local and is the owner of No Monkey Business Dog Training. She is a certified professional dog trainer and has been keeping up with this rapidly growing and fascinating area of animal behavior science.

I wrote this article and submitted it too late for last week's paper (thankfully), and since then I have had the article reviewed by several people, including Mary Finlayson, the owner of Finlayson's Pet Care in Concord as well as three veterinarians who specialize in pet behavior, one of which (Dr. Myrna Milani) is an ethologist (ethology is the study of animal behavior). I have studied their comments and have spoken to all of them and have revised my thoughts a bit.